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Bochy's League is a community organization of people who are working together to eradicate sex trafficking through awareness, development of victims, volunteering & fundraising. We serve victims so that they will grow into sustainable, positive contributing members of community. 

According the the Pew Research Center, 75% of the worlds population of 2.1 billion Christians are women. Women are completely equipped, within the fiber of their femininity to move a mountain when they set their focus upon a mission. When we make a decision to link arms with each other, join our faith, prayers & attention, we can together eradicate slavery of women.

Our members come into the League knowing they are stepping into & inheriting a rich sisterhood they have never experienced before. One that will expose themselves to a network of business, friendships, loyalty and unwavering support. They are joining a family that spans across cultures, social economic levels and generations.  Our members will encounter a rich volunteer experience in which they are sowing into rich harvest that will reap The Kingdom of Heaven on earth!

The women of Bochy's League are dedicated to personal development & enrichment first so that the natural overflow from our individual wholeness strengthens and equips the development of our sisters stuck in sex slavery.

We invite you to join this league with us and lets change the world, together.

XO, Carla and Mads

There are EIGHT Christians to every ONE sex trafficking victim stuck in slavery.

the average age a girl

is sold into sex trafficking

is 12-14 years old

There are approximately 50 beds for victims in TEXAS alone with an estimated 79,000

children and youth trapped in commercial

sexual exploitation.

Between 14,500 and 17,500 people are trafficked into the U.S. each year.

The National Human Trafficking Hotline receives more calls from Texas than any other state in the US. 15% of those calls are from the Dallas-Fort Worth area.