What To Expect

Bochy's League will host monthly luncheons or dinner socials. Our members are aligned with a sisterhood of women whose focus is to come together with our gifts and talents for the purpose of eradicating sex trafficking, rebuilding victims rescued and becoming part of a community of successful women.

Our monthly meetings will offer inspiring speakers and occasional hands on classes. (calligraphy, etiquette, candle making, kitchen basics, and much more) In addition Bochy's League members will be given an opportunity to attend the ARISE Healing & Freedom Retreats with Founder Carla Shellis.

Members will also have an opportunity to network their own businesses and share opportunities during our annual GROW events with exclusive access to thousands of influencers and business women around the country.

Your monthly fees will cover the cost of the venue where meetings are held and the cost of our speakers and or classes. The focus of Bochy's League is for it's members to coordinate a minimum of 2 fundraisers per year with the goal of raising funds to support the day to day operations, support the rebuilding of each victim and the opening of Bochy's Place homes around the country.


Members understand the membership, work and effort of this league is 100% voluntary. Each member is encouraged to participate in coordinated projects for fundraising and join a committee that best fits her gifts and talents.

Each chapter will hold 7 chapter board members. These members will be required to serve this mission utilizing their leadership skills to advance the mission at hand, eradicate sex trafficking one life at a time.