Platinum League

Senior African American woman at home

We are a group of women working together to raise funds to eradicate sex trafficking through the power of community, while also raising awareness in this generation.

Have you wondered what you can do now in this season of your life? Do you feel as though you have so much to offer, but feel there is no where to offer it? Seniors, we need you! We need your wisdom, we need your nurturing spirit! We need your mama’s heart to come join our effort to eradicate the exploitation of women!
Bochy's Platinum League is a community group of women 60 years and above. As a member of this community you will have the opportunity to get involved in helping to create a safe haven for girls that have been rescued from sex trafficking!

Our Current Fundraiser

We are currently working on our first fundraiser. Stay tuned to see what we do!

Our Next Event